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Menufast is an online software for catalogues and menus. It allows you to use your page as your website too!

Responsively designed for ease of use and update, it can be smoothly displayed on mobile devices.

How to Use?

You can create a free account and sign up for Menufast to start placing your products so that customers can reach them when they search your products. You can also print the unique QR Code generated for you to offer your customers a quick display of your page.

You can benefit from the QR Code as a way for easy access to your products in various areas such as your advertisements, on tables in cafés and restaurants, on catalogues and envelopes in offices and in store checkout areas.

1. Create a product group

2. Add your products

3. Choose one of our designs

4. Your online catalogue is ready

5. Receive orders*

* Premium feature


Register for Free

With free registration you can start instantly. And Unlimited!

Ease of Use

On different devices, you can add your products and receive orders.

Add Languages

You can create pages in 8 different languages.

8 Themes, 20 Colors

Choose the most suitable display from a wide variety of 160 options, and we are still adding more.

Unlimited Products

You can add and remove countless products without any number limitations.

Receive Orders

With QR Codes, customers can quickly open the menu and place orders.

Add Product Images

Adding product images, you can improve customer experience.

Display Statistics

Display detailed statistics of your page.

Add Your Logo

Add your logo to customize your page.

* Some of the features above are included in the premium package, see the table below for details.


Starter (Free)

Catalogue, Menu and Web Page
Unlimited QR Code Reader
5 Product Groups
30 Products


Catalogue, Menu and Web Page
Unlimited QR Code Reader
Unlimited Product Groups
Unlimited Products
Add Product Images
Add Your Logo
Add Business Image
Advanced Text Editor
More Colors and Designs
Display Statistics
Remove Menufast Logo
Import Your Catalogues and Menus**
Add Allergen Info (Food)
Additional Language Options (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Russian, German, Chinese)
30 Images, 60 Orders *

Premium 30

100 Images, 200 Orders *

Premium 100

1000 Images, 2000 Orders *

Premium 1000


Cancel your plan at any time.
* Maximum image and monthly order quantities.
** Add images of your catalogues and menus.
*** VAT included prices.


You can scan the QR code with your phone camera or click the link to explore sample pages..

* QR Code readers are usually available on mobile phones with updated software and updated internet browsers.

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